Industrial Mixer is used in cases where manufacturers need to combine and break down materials. A mixer can include any device that mixes or homogenizes materials or converts a variety of fine materials into a single material. Mixers have the ability to combine any liquid or solid to eventually produce the required material. As a standard, a mixer has a main chamber or tank and mixes the ingredients inside with a rotating blade or shovel.

Depending on what the mixer is used for, it may have a shovel or a wide shovel or a sharp blade to mix the ingredients. Usually, depending on the type of activity, the mixer has a blade that can be used to mix and match materials with different capabilities.

Most mixers are made of stainless steel due to their hygienic nature and corrosion resistance. Other materials that may be used are aluminum, cast iron, steel.

In many cases, the mixer can mix a variety of materials well during processing or production stages using its powerful motor blades.

Industries such as automobiles, water purifiers, pulp and paper, agriculture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics use mixers to make their products.

Most industries with commercial products use industrial mixers. Industrial mixers are able to process and combine materials in high volumes. These mixers have a large tank for storing materials and also have blades that stimulate materials to break down.

There are different types of mixers that are offered according to the type of activity.

Another important factor in the engineering design of a mixer is the blade design as well as the selection of electromotors with appropriate power. Some companies and industries need higher features such as high mixing speed for mixers, which Sabalan Safi manufacturing company has taken into account in its design parameters.

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